NASL is non-profit organization based in Kathmandu and run by doctors trained to treat liver disease. It has its own constitution and run under a written constitution. At present we have 9 member executive committee and is still under the process of making. Our main objectives are to promote the latest scientific advancement and education of hepatology, dessiminate the information and the recent development in the field of hepatology and encourage the practice of medicine in liver diseases to attain a society with least liver disease.



We have formed the Liver society to promote and exchange science in the field of liver diseases in Nepal.


Provide education for the physicians to treat liver disease Increase the awareness of the liver disease ans management among general public. Act as an advisor to Ministry of health to promote liver health in the country Facilitate the scientific exchanges between Nepali liver society and International liver society Support young doctors and investigators to ensure that they will remain at the forefront of research and promote liver study.

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