Dr. shudhamshu kc.


Dr. Sudhamshu K.C. did his MBBS from Dhaka University in 1995. He joined as Medical officer in Liver unit after working in general medicine for a couple of months.He was trained by Dr. Santosh Man Shrestha in Liver unit and later by Professor Okuda in Chiba university of Japan. Dr. K.C. did 4 years of residency in Graduate school of Medicine in Chiba University and completed PhD from same university in 2004. Currently, Associate Professor (Hepatology) in National Academy of Medical Sciences, his job include supervising DM resident of Hepatology and gastroenterology. He has the credit of starting interventional hepatology in the country. Dr. K.C. is also keen on research, particularly clinical hepatology. He has already published about 20 articles in international and national journal. As founder president of NASL, his aim is to promulgate guidelines in treating liver diseases in Nepal and to train upcoming Hepatologists in the country.

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